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Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Chocolate World Tour, a dark ride at Hersheypark.

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Posted: August 15, 2008

Guests can visit the Chocolate World Tour for FREE. Located outside the main gate, the tour is an adventure through a mock setting which documents the manufacturing of chocolate from the harvesting of cocoa beans in the jungles of Brazil to the processing plants located in the real chocolate factory located only a few blocks away. FREE samples at the exit!

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Back before the singing cows were added, this was a must do. Nowadays, I can only say I'm against riding this "it's a small world" knock off just to get a melted piece of Hershey's latest test candy. What used to be a classic has been ruined. Good going Hershey. Way to destroy what once was a must do. 2/10; Original version 8/10 - Mike Brilhart

I went in 2003, a few years before the refurbishment. What I remember was that the ride was very intriguing and slightly entertaining. I said slightly entertaining because the singing cows didn't help much. Other than that problem, I rate it a 7/10. - Jorge Arnoldson

It's a free ride and there is free chocolate at the end of it! Amazing! The ride can have long lines but a lot of times you can just walk right on. Overall, the ride is really enjoyable and educational, and man does it smell good in there. Great way to start or end your trip to Hershey. - Andy B

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