Kings Island

Flight Of Fear

Coney Mall
Roller coaster - 54 inches to ride
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A Premiere Rides LIM launched, indoor, dark coaster with four inversions and an elaborate science-fiction theme.

The ride opened as Outer Limits: Flight of Fear in 1996 before being renamed to just Flight of Fear in 2001.

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Flight of Fear is an indoor launch coaster like, but not as good as, Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roller coaster at Disney Hollywood Studios. The indoor queue with the flying saucer (left over from the old Paramount days) is pretty cool. The launch is fun, and the course, outside of the complete dead stop in the middle, is decent. However, the ride is very rough, so brace yourself throughout.

Holy cow! This ride was just amazing, start to finish. You begin with a super fast take-off, so be sure to rest your head back before the ride starts. It's indoors, and the strobe lights and soundtrack make it more appealing, as well. A relatively short ride, but nonetheless my favorite next to Mystic Timbers. Of course, I wouldn't recommend this for those with chronic head/neck pain, or those who suffer from seizures. But other than that, this ride is totally worth it.

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