Sharks/The Coral Reef

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In this walk through experience you will get to see many wonderful things of the sea. The Coral Reef is first up as you begin the walk. There are loads of very colorful and differing varieties of fish. As you continue the 'tour' you will see bigger fish in a man-made coral reef. One nice thing here is that as you walk along there are large signs and short bio's on all the in the tanks. The Sharks are next and share the same tank as the other fish but are thankfully separated. In the Shark tank there are 3 or 4 different species and if you plan it right you can watch them being fed. Sea World also offers a 'Shark Encounter' experience for an additional that let you 'swim' with the sharks. Check this place out it is located beyond the Dolphin Cove and worth the walk. Usually no wait unless they are feeding. The the place will be jammed.


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