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American Plunge

American Plunge is a flume ride in Hugo's Hill Street at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 34 inches.

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The American Plunge is an Arrow log flume with a few animatronic set pieces and a long, dark tunnel along the way (the tunnel used to be nicely themed, now, sadly, it is just a dark tunnel). The finale is the requisite 50-foot plunge to a splashdown.

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I kept expecting something to happen in the long tunnel. It sounds like it used to be that way. There are some fun vintage effects before the big drop. I will echo the main review in saying you get drenched in this ride. The wettest I've ever gotten on a log flume drop. This is about the same length of drop as Splash Mountain, but a lot steeper.

American Plunge is a log flume ride that traverses a somewhat unique pitch black tunnel before emerging to a lift hill and subsequent dive. The end result offers a fun experience with a steeper drop and more thrills than most rides of this type. While not anywhere up to the level of a Splash Mountain, this flume ride is a bit better than average - and you will get SOAKED.

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