Silver Dollar City

Flooded Mine

Flooded Mine is a dark ride in Valley Road at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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A mostly indoor boat ride shooter themed to a prisoner uprising in a coal mine that has sprung a watery leak.

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The Flooded Mine is a Buzz Lightyear-style shooter set in a flooded coal mine. I enjoy this attraction quite a bit, and if you take the time to consider it fully, you will find there is a depth of theming at work here that is truly Disney-on-a-budget (intended as a compliment), not just some off-the-shelf effects flown in from Sally Corp. There is usually no line for this ride, and it is not uncommon to ride it several times in a row without getting out of your boat.

It's an older shooter ride, but great theming from the moment you enter the queuing area through the actual ride.

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