Silver Dollar City

Outlaw Run

Outlaw Run is an excellent roller coaster in Wilson's Farm and one of the best attractions at Silver Dollar City. The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.

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This Rocky Mountain Construction Company wooden roller coaster with a steel "Topper" track debuted in March 2013. At the time it featured the world's steepest drop for a wooden coaster, an 81-degree initial drop of 162 feet. The coaster tops out at 68 mph, making it one of the fastest wooden coasters in the world. And when it opened, it was the only wooden-framed coaster to feature an inversion -- a double barrel roll.

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Outlaw Run is constructed from the ground up to utilize Silver Dollar City's varied and hilly terrain and it packs a wallop of entertaining elements into a compact ride experience. There are eight key elements along the course including an 81-degree first drop and three inversions – all of which serve to keep the ride exhilarating and action packed from beginning to end. The highlight of the course is the double corkscrew at the end of the circuit. These uphill inversions provide a graceful, almost weightless finish to the ride, slowing the coaster as it heads back to the station. These are intense elements, not for the faint of heart, but they are "tame" enough that the ride can still be considered family-friendly, provided that the family is filled with coaster lovers! In a nutshell, Outlaw Run is fast, smooth, exciting, and just plain fun. Even with the addition of the one-of-a-kind Time Traveler in 2018, Outlaw Run is still my favorite coaster at Silver Dollar City.

This is a phenomenally good terrain coaster. Few things can compare to an outstanding wooden terrain coaster. From the initial drop to the airtime hills during the latter part of the ride to the double barrel roll, it's an absolute delight.

If you find yourself in the Branson area, you must find a way to ride this coaster! It's thrilling from beginning to end. As you make your ride through the Ozark hills and trees, you can't help but ride with a huge smile on your face. This wooden coaster is as smooth as they come and the double barrel roll at the end is such a great finisher that I pretty much always get off the coaster wanting another ride immediately.

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