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Powderkeg is an excellent roller coaster in Hugo's Hill Street and one of the best attractions at Silver Dollar City. The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.

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Powder Keg is an S&S Power launched coaster that hits speeds of 50+ mph in 2.8 seconds before catapulting riders on a twisting, hill-laden track that is designed to provide a sense of flying. Due to the ingenious lap restraint system, riders of almost all sizes can ride, which means the whole family can experience this intense thrill ride together, and air-time is maximized.

Guests between 42" - 48" must ride with an adult companion.

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Thrilling, smooth, fast, and family-friendly, Powderkeg is a real winner that launches itself past the competition!

Great lead-up to the launch. It's a thrilling ride as you sweep through the hillside in the Ozarks.

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