Silver Dollar City

The GIANT Swing

The GIANT Swing is a flat ride in Wilson's Farm at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.

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The Giant Swing is an S&S Power Screamin' Swing attraction. It consists of two giant pendulum arms which hold eight riders on each side (32 riders total when both swings are in operation). The arms swing out to an arc of 230 degrees, over 7 stories into the sky, and reach top speeds of 45 mph.

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The Giant Swing is an S&S Power attraction similar to the Skyhawk at Cedar Point. Set inside a huge red barn that is totally within the theme of the park, this intense midway ride is a whole lotta fun. Granted I wouldn't want to wait in a long line to experience it, but on a less crowded day when you can ride several times in a row with minimal waiting, it is a very fun attraction.

Short ride but worth doing if there isn't a wait. The thrill factor is up there since you get to dangle for an instant before swinging from 20+ stories over the ground.