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Thunderation is a roller coaster in Valley Road at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.

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ThuNderaTion (TNT) is one of Arrow Dynamics' largest and fastest mine train coasters, with a 3,000-foot-long course and a top speed of almost 50 miles per hour. This coaster makes excellent use of SDC's sloping terrain, and used to offer unique seating in that some cars faced forward while others face backwards. Sadly, the ride trains were returned to their original design in 2011. All cars now face forward. Regardless, with very low height requirements ThuNderaTion is very much a family coaster, but still manages to pack quite a thrill for those less jaded riders.

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This is super fun coaster without any huge drops or turns. It is faster and a bit rougher than I remembered, which can be tricky for younger riders.

It is getting a little rough in its old age, but Thunderation is still fun for the whole family, and should not be missed. On a side note, the natural scenery is pretty amazing, as is the view of Time Traveler nextdoor.

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