Silver Dollar City

Tom and Huck's River Blast

Tom and Huck's River Blast is a boat ride in Riverfront at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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Added in 2010, this $7 million water ride has been dubbed the wettest, wildest river adventure in the Midwest. Both riders and spectators can participate in this slow-moving water feud.

Must be 48" to ride alone. Guests under 48" tall may ride with a companion who meets all other ride requirements, however younger children will have difficulty powering the water gun's firing mechanism.

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This was so much fun, especially compared to Tsunami Soaker at my local Six Flags. I love all the extra touches in the queue and during the ride, and it was a blast to fire at a lot of different people from outside the attraction. I also got ridiculously soaked on this attraction.

With the removal of Splash Harbor and the WaterWorks Waterboggan in the 2009 off-season, Herschend decided to add a new water ride called Tom & Huck's River Blast. While the theme and immersion of this new river battle attraction are above average, the fun factor is completely dependent on the crowd level. If there are lots of dueling riders and aggressive bystanders, the attraction is a hoot. If not, the stationary targets within the ride provide few thrills and little fun. Rider beware - you will likely get SOAKED on this ride.

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