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Roller coaster - 54 inches to ride

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As its name implies, Full Throttle doesn't take its time getting to the action, launching from the station to 70 miles per hour, up and into a 160-foot loop.

And it's in that loop that Full Throttle delivers its take-away moment — a full second (which seems like eternity) of weightless airtime, upside down, lingering at the apex of the loop. Oh, and did I mention that Full Throttle doesn't pin you down with over-the-shoulder restraints? Yep, just a lap bar — and the power of physics — keep you up there for your moment of floating in roller coaster heaven.

Fortunately, the rest of the ride won't waste your time back to the station. The loop transitions through a nifty high-speed banked turn into an Immelmann loop, which then drops you into the old monorail tunnel under the Superman plaza. From there, you launch a second time, backward, up onto the Immelmann for another moment of zero-G airtime, before gravity pulls you back into the tunnel for a third launch, a "kick in the pants" that drives you up and over the top hat that spans the upper edge of the ride's initial loop.

Another lingering moment of airtime awaits you there, again, before a quick, face-down drop back to the station. It's a sudden stop there -- the only rough moment on what is otherwise a silky-smooth, whisper-quiet ride.

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A fast, exhilarating coaster that must be ridden in either the front or the back. The huge airtime while in the loop, to the three launches, to the top hat element, Full Throttle is a must do at Magic Mountain.

It's definitely worth a ride when visiting SFMM, but I would never wait over 45-60 minutes for this. The first half of the ride is really good with an intense launch and great hangtime at the top of the HUGE loop. However, the second half of the ride is mediocre with an abrupt ending that makes you wonder if the designer ran out of money or just got bored.

Unfortunately, because of the limited capacity of this coaster (18 people per train with 3-5 minute cycle times), lines quickly get very long, so riding first thing in the morning or later in the day when crowds disperse (or shortly following a shutdown) is the best strategy for this coaster.

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