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Colossus arrived in 2002, transforming the image of Thorpe Park. There were signs of change with 2000's Tidal Wave and the collection of flat rides in 2001, but they hadn't really succeeded in changing the image of Thorpe Park as a small family park, no match for Chessington.

Visitor numbers dramatically increased with the world's first, and only, ten looping rollercoaster. Whilst there is nothing to the ride other than inversions (and only one true loop), and it does feel slightly forced to modify the 8 looping Monte Makaya to get the extra 2 loops in, by and large this ride works.

It is very effectively connected into the park, with the track swooping under the paths and the area around the ride and the area is always busy, being the easiest way to get from Lost City to Canada Creek.

It seems to inhabit its own area, seperate from the rest of Lost City and is one of the first rides you see when entering the park. It lasts just over 90 exhilariting seconds, and is nicely stylised, if not overly themed.
Colossus is an excellent ride which has transformed Thorpe Park from a small park to the west of London to one the country's best theme parks.

There are complaints of roughness at the back and the best experience is definately in the front seats.

This is due in part to problems with the wheels on the cars. Around a year after opening many of the wheels became rusty causing a loud squeeking noise that can still be heard. In some areas of the train, it is very bumpy, as for some riders it may bump your head very vigorously on the shoulder bar.

But baring all this in mind i still belive its a very exhilerating ride. i recommend it to anyone thats wants to have a laugh and chuck in a few cheap thrills!!

There Is know an exact copy of colossus, sumwhere In China I believe. Allthough this is a bit strange to me as they cant advertise it as a 'world's first', Colossus will allways have this title!!


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