X:\ No Way Out

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 10 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 55 inches

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An odd name for an equally odd ride. This is the worlds first backwards roller coaster in the dark. Situated inside a blue and burgundy pyramid, there was once a very long indor queue line through black corridors and a few themed rooms, including a revolving tunnel. This has now been cut short, but is still very dark!
The coaster itself is pretty tame, but packs its punch in running backwards. Realising how unreliable the on-train sound effects (helicopter noises) the park has now added sound effects around the ride, including some rather evil laughter and some incomprehensible speech. At 3 points in the ride, the train stops and shudders back and forth with riders assulted with wind, mist and scent.

The walk out is equally long!

After an accident on the ride, strobe lights were added. You must also hand your loose possessions in before boarding, and exchange the token you are given to retrieve them at the end of the ride.
Situated to the east of Slammer.

A weird and wacky ride, but can be quite fun if you're in the mood.


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