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Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion is a track ride in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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Take a ride with 999 happy haunts through the Gothic Revival mansion, the former home to a doomed sea captain and his bride. While Tokyo's Haunted Mansion looks the same on the outside as its Walt Disney World sibling, it shares a "Nightmare Before Christmas" holiday overlay each year with the original California Mansion.

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What else can be said about the Haunted Mansion that hasn't been said before. It's a legend no doubt. Don't let the fact that this version is located in a Fantasyland, it is every bit as atmospheric as it's American versions. Speaking of that there are some very slight variations but it is very similar to the Orlando version. That my friends is a high compliment. Don't mind the Japanese you can practically speak out the narration yourself in your head. Plus being with Japanese folks adds some cool factor to it as well.

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