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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth is an excellent track ride in Mysterious Island and one of the best attractions at Tokyo DisneySea. The minimum height to ride is 46 inches.

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Traveling through caverns within Mount Prometheus, walking past oozing lava in the queue, you come to Captain Nemo's underground laboratories, where you can see the sketches of the wonders that await you even deeper inside the Earth.

You'll then board a "Terravator" to descend to the expedition's base station, where you will board an eight-passenger mining vehicle to travel through the tunnels bored by previous explorers. You'll descend into crystal caverns and encounter a giant mushroom forests filled with bizarre creatures before an earthquake knocks you off course. A lightning storm nearly finishes you before you emerge into the heart of the volcano, where a giant lava monster awaits.

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Wonderfully detailed and impeccably themed, the ride includes an amazing moment when the monster appears. One of the top rides in the world, if not the best.

Great production value (set design, etc.), but the thrill factor is short & sweet. So it's worthwhile as a ride because of the uniqueness (even the line is interesting... like Indy Ride), but the ride itself is not a big "thrill."

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