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Vulcania Restaurant

Vulcania Restaurant is a counter service restaurant in Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea. Our readers say it's good but not great.

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On the menu:
- Shrimp in chili sauce
- Sweet & sour pork
- Fried chicken with soy-vinegar sauce
- Stir-fried beef and green peppers
- Spicy tofu with minced pork
- Fried rice with Char Siu and egg
- Soup, salad and dim sum also available.

Reviews of Vulcania Restaurant

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Themeing is great and food is generally very good. Spring rolls and dim sum were excellent. The shrimp I ordered was breaded which would have been fine if it wasn't left to sit in the chili sauce it came with on the buffet line. This caused it too be mushy and unfortunately, while flavor was good, texture destroyed the dish.

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