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King Kong returned to the Universal Orlando Resort in June 2016 with a ride blending the 3D, 360-degree imagery of Universal Studios Hollywood's Studio Tour Kong encounter with the immense animatronic of Universal's previous "Kongfrontation" attractions.

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This attraction starts with an elaborate and impressive exterior that sets up the theme beautifully. The queue area is equally impressive and does a great job of setting up the feeling that you're in for some intense experiences on Skull Island. The ride itself features plenty of motion mixed with a gorgeous 3D film featuring, you guessed it, everyone's favorite giant gorilla rampaging all around the tram as he fights off other giant beasts. Sorry if this is vague, but I don't want to spoil any of the specifics. This ride is a great experience from start to finish and easily one of the highlights of Islands of Adventure.

Fantastic ride, try to get an end seat for better viewing.

The old lady chanting in the Queue is enjoyable and there might be some jump scares also....

This is a popular ride and often has a bit or a wait time, try the single rider if you can..

Fun ride with a great queue! Gets criticized way too much. Although not the best, but worth going to, and definitely better than F&F Supercharged.

I was nervous about riding this because I had heard so many negative reviews. However, I’m a big fan of Kong and wanted to give it a chance. I won’t say this is the best ride ever, but I did really enjoy it. I like the combination of live “drivers” in the vehicle with the screen effects. Not a bad option if you have time.

This is a criminally underrated attraction that offers something fun for everyone. The exterior is a wonder, especially when you can catch those big ol' gates swing open. The outdoor queue is pleasant with familiar Jungle Cruise vibes with it's period music, and expositional radio interviews. The indoor queue is where things really get going. Cold, dark, and haunting, featuring animatronics and the occasional spooky surprise. While the loading and unloading times may not be the swiftest, it's worth it once you board your massive tour vehicles. An impressive hybrid between the load capacity and size of a Hollywood tour tram, and the motion platform capabilities of the Indiana Jones Adventure/Spimpsons Ride. From then on, the attraction is a thrilling whirlwind of Monster Mayhem. The 3d is sharp, and puts greater emphasis on creating depth in the environment, not without indulging with some in-your-face encounters. The creatures you face along the way are quite imaginative and even grotesque. The heart of the ride, a rescue by King Kong himself, is elegantly choreographed between both sides of the vehicle. No matter where you turn your head, there is always something to see, encouraging repeat rides. I still catch something new with each ride. And of course, there's the final encounter with the animatronic Kong whose lifelike features are goosebump inducing. Yes, the ride itself is screen driven, but if you're willing to suspend that criticism for a brief time and just let yourself be tossed, thrown, and plunged into that chaotic world, you will not be disappointed! Long Live the King!

Great set up and very immersive. 3D effects work great with the team vehicle and one of the less intense rides at the park.

I personally love this ride but I wish they would always go outside through the doors. I've only had this happen once on my trips there.

Always the longest line in the park, even though its not even close to one of the best rides. The line is probably just as cool as the ride. I am really not a fan of the "bus" style rides where you have things happening on both sides of the bus. You never really have a good seat and are going to miss something. Not worth the long wait. Fast and the Furious ride is very similar to this, but somehow they made that ride worse than this!

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