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Skull Island Reign of Kong

Skull Island Reign of Kong is a dark ride in Skull Island at Universal's Islands of Adventure. It's worth seeing on a time-permitting basis.

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King Kong returned to the Universal Orlando Resort in June 2016 with a ride blending the 3D, 360-degree imagery of Universal Studios Hollywood's Studio Tour Kong encounter with the immense animatronic of Universal's previous "Kongfrontation" attractions.

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Reviews of Skull Island Reign of Kong

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I personally love this ride but I wish they would always go outside through the doors. I've only had this happen once on my trips there.

Always the longest line in the park, even though its not even close to one of the best rides. The line is probably just as cool as the ride. I am really not a fan of the "bus" style rides where you have things happening on both sides of the bus. You never really have a good seat and are going to miss something. Not worth the long wait. Fast and the Furious ride is very similar to this, but somehow they made that ride worse than this!

Very disappointing. Cool animatronic in the end, but not enough to make me love. You can easily see where the screen starts and ends.

This is quite an attraction considering its small footprint and accessibility to guests of virtually all ages. The videos are really well done and work perfectly with the motion of the truck. The storyline is a bit rushed, but perhaps is a bit more fleshed out in the standby queue (we only rode through the Universal Express queue). The payoff at the end is quite amazing, and I'm glad I knew to sit on the right side of the truck.

I wouldn't quite put this on par with Forbidden Journey or Spiderman, but this is a solid dark ride that is sure to have a long lifespan at IOA.

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