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The Florida version of Universal Studios Hollywood's Fast & Furious encounter opened May 2, 2018. Visitors walk through the garage, the Family Room, and Tej's War Room before boarding party buses that get diverted into a simulated high-speed chase through San Francisco, as Domenic Toretto's family battles villain Owen Shaw and his henchmen. This attraction uses Universal's Virtual Line ride reservation system.

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Reviews of Fast and Furious - Supercharged

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A total missed opportunity for a dueling indoor launched coaster, Fast and Furious is a complete waste of space and money.

Appalling. What is going on with the creative team at Universal of late - their insessant use of screens is ruining a once great park.

I'm a huge Universal fan but WOW! What a terrible ride this was. The queue is neat enough but sooooo corny and boring. If there is 1 franchise that shouldn't have been screen based its this one!! Fast & Furious = coaster!

So glad we didn't wait a long time for this, this is a boring ride. The whole "bus" ride is a terrible idea, and you can't see everything that is going on no matter where you sit. They should knock this down and try again. What a disappointment for the newest ride.

terrible ride. the queing is better than the ride
its like your watching a ps2 game

I was willing to give the attraction a chance, and went in knowing that the franchise is partly so popular because of its absurdity. For something that's called "Supercharged", you would expect an exciting or thrilling attraction. Unfortunately, this is neither, and is filled with stilted acting performances and some awful looking CGI stunts. There are some effects here that are pretty cool including the lights in the tunnel and the dimensional scrim projections before the gimble room. However, what should be the climax (the gimble room) is nothing more than a bunch of water splashing, fog blasting, earsplitting nonsense. The gimble box barely moves, meaning that the visuals and fans have to provide all of the sensation of motion. At first glance, the visuals are decent until they start throwing characters in the fray, and that when things just go sideways. It was acceptable 10-15 years ago to have wonky looking CGI characters, but with the advances in technology today, CG Vin Diesel should look like the real Vin Diesel, even if he's dangling from a helicopter.

Fortunately, the UE entrance to the attraction avoids the annoying board groups used in the virtual queue on Jimmy Fallon, so at least this attraction only took about 15-20 minutes out of our day. That's probably all this is worth for a single time, and is most certainly not worth repeated re-rides. There was a lot of potential here, and I think UC really dropped the ball with this one. Disaster/Earthquake may not have been the greatest, but it was better than this. You could tell that even the ride ops were faking their enthusiasm for the attraction.

If you're a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, I think you'll love walking through the garage and seeing all the show cars and Easter eggs along the way. The ride is just cheesy fun and provides more to look at than you can possibly take in with one viewing. Try to get loaded first in an aisle to be on the right side of the bus to get a better view.

One of the worst "rides" I have ever been on. The queue is fantastic, going through the garage with all the crazy cars from the movies. But then you get to the preshow. The filmed acting bits by the stars of the movies is so stilted and flat. Vin Diesel is the worst. His acting is worse than a middle school production. Then you get to the "ride" part. It is set up just link Kong: Skull Island with screens all around your bus. You know it isn't going to amount to much when there aren't seatbelts or bars to hold on to. Once the chase begins, it feels like you are just sitting in an idling bus. No sense of speed at all. This "ride" is the most boring, irritating experience I have had at a theme park. All of my friends agreed that it was awful. Thank goodness the line was really short.

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