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Men In Black Alien Attack

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Shooter Ride - 42 inches to ride
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Enter the Men in Black headquarters for training in identifying and neutralizing space aliens that have invaded New York City. You’ll ride in a six-person, spinning vehicle through the streets of New York, zapping aliens in this video game come to life. You are competing individually for top scores, and your car also is competing as a team against the car on the track opposite yours. A high top score earns you “the suit” as an MIB agent.

A few tips: Never let up on the trigger. When you hit a target, keep hitting it as long as you’re scoring points from it. Aliens on the second floors of the buildings are typically worth more than those on the ground level. After the scene with the big spaceship, look for an alien on a bench, reading a newspaper, and shoot it. The newspaper will lower to reveal an alien Steven Spielberg, whom you can hit for big points. When your car turns to face the other car in the “scanning” scene, aim for the big red light “exhaust port” atop the other car. (Heck, turn around and shoot at your own exhaust port, too, for extra points.) Finally, when Zed tells you to push the red button, the first one in the car to push it gets an additional 100,000 points. Aggressive use of the available single rider line can get you the extra rides, and the experience, you need to go for the maximum high score of 999,999.

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Best shooter ride anywhere in Orlando!

I'm not a huge fan of the shooting/competing type of ride. I just like the theming of the waiting line and the attraction. It's not a must ride for me but I certainly enjoy it quite a bit.


Cool to walk through the line, but the ride itself isn't that great. You shoot all kinds of aliens, but nothing actually happens when you shoot them...definitely has potential to be better.

My favorite shooter ride anywhere. It's got great game play, lots of practical effects, and works as a dark ride even if you don't play. (But you should!)

One of the most fun rides around. Competing with your friends for the high score, trying to shoot other car's targets to make them spin. Terrific theming. It is the only spinny ride I know of that doesn't give me motion sickness since I am so busy looking for Aliens to shoot. This ride just makes you smile!

The best shooter ride - instead of just aiming at obvious targets, you're actually looking at the scenery trying to spot the aliens.

One of my top picks. I rode this ride at least 12 times with my younger brother. The trick is always going in the single riders line.

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