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Motion Base Show - 40 inches to ride
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The Simpsons Ride replaced Back to the Future: The Ride in 2008, and uses the same motion-simulator seats in front of 80-foot IMAX screens as its predecessor. You’re visiting “Krustyland,” lining up for a ride on “Krusty’s Thrilltacular Teen-Operated Roller Coaster.” But then Sideshow Bob appears and — say it with me now — it all goes terribly wrong.

As Sideshow Bob tries to kill you during your wild ride through Krustyland and Springfield, look for the many references to various Universal, Disney, and SeaWorld attractions thrown into the ride film.

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The technology is a bit outdated, but the ride has a great storyline and the motion simulator gives a thrilling experience. A trip to universal isn't the same without riding it

Needs a bit of an update but still a fun ride.

I'm not a huge fan of screens, but this is very well done. The waiting line is terrible until you get in the building and then the laughs ensue. While I miss Back to the Future, this is a very good attraction.


This the best 3D/4D ride in the parks. It is amazing how it makes you feel like you are actually moving even though you aren't. The line is good, and the video before the ride is hilarious. You will be laughing and screaming the entire ride!

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