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Transformers The Ride 3D

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Motion Base Ride - 40 inches to ride
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Imagine if you could cram all the action of a Transformers movie into one five-minute, 3-D package.

From the creative team that developed Universal Orlando's Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man comes the next generation in that motion-base, 3D ride technology. On Transformers, you'll be riding in EVAC, an Autobot who doubles as your ride vehicle. Together, you're charged with taking the Allspark shard to safety during a Decepticon attack.

But of course, things go terribly wrong, and you end up in the battle. Check out editor Robert Niles' review of Transformers: The Ride when it debuted in Singapore, and read his exclusive interview with ride designer Thierry Coup, who describes what to expect, in detail.

The ride opened May 25, 2012, with passholder previews starting in April.

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Reviews of Transformers The Ride 3D

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While on Transformers, I kept thinking...this is Spider-Man, isn't it? It felt like it. It even had that real pyro, albeit from a rocket rather than a pumpkin.

Alas, this ride malfunctioned during my experience. About 2/3 of the way through it, everything simply stopped. And then after 1 minute of groaning, it started again - without sound!!!

The final scene had sound, but the experience was ruined already. And none of the staff seemed to have either noticed, or cared.

I never made it to the Orlando version, but now I don't have to. I'd rather do Spider-Man.

I really LOVE this ride. If it had more conventional props and effects, it would top Spiderman. Nonetheless, this is a great use of the motion base combined with some clever tricks to fit in a pretty long experience into a small footprint.

One of the better simulators Universal has built, it combines good 3d effects and somewhat practical effects. It is a thrilling attraction and a must do.

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