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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Roller Coaster - 40 inches to ride
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If a fear of heights has kept you (or your kids) from trying roller coasters, this might be the ride for you. You'll ride in mine train cars in and on Big Thunder Mountain, home to an abandoned gold mine. It's the "Wildest Ride in the West," according to the spiel at the loading station, but Thunder's actually one of the milder roller coasters around. Since you're riding on the mountain, you're rarely more than a few feet off "the ground." Still, the ride tops out at 32 miles per hour, so it's got enough oomph to reward a junior thrill-seeker-in-training.

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This is an all time great ride that most of the family can enjoy. Theming and thrill is top notch. Also, this ride goes from great to ELITE if you ride it at night in the dark. You don't see the turns as easy and thrill level goes up. Phenomenal attraction.


I love Thunder Mountain. It’s a great roller coaster. I went in Disney Land one year and I LOVED it. But this year we went to Disney World, and it was very bad. The wait was 55 minutes which is really short for a Disney World ride. Anyway, we were 50 minutes into the wait when they announced they were shutting down the ride. We were five minutes away, and they wouldn’t give us a fast pass or anything. We completely wasted 50 minutes on that ride. Would not recommend if your going to Disney World.

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