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Space Mountain

Space Mountain is an excellent roller coaster in Tomorrowland and one of the best attractions at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The minimum height to ride is 44 inches.

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Guests board sleek rocket trains with single-file seating and blast off on an adventure through space in this indoor roller coaster. The ride was refurbished in 2010 and now offers some additional on-ride effects, as well as games in the queue to help you pass the time while you await your "flight." Space Mountain is not a fast coaster — the top speed is only around 28 mph — but it is twisty, with over 3 Gs in lateral forces on some whippy turns.

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This is just a great ride. It's top speed is something like 28 mph but it feels much faster. It's not to be missed even if it's not quite as good as it's counterpart in Anaheim.


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