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The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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This indoor ride is a journey through the pages of a Winnie the Pooh book. You ride in "hunny" hives, gently bouncing and gliding through the Hundred Acre Wood on your way to a special birthday celebration.

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My daughter Bryn and I took this ride when I saw her three year old face blanche at the prospect of heading for another dark journey into the Caribbean for another round with some ghostly pirates. Instead we took a chance on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a no line ride so filled with such light-hearted fun we rode it twice in a row. Her fears were erased by the joyful bright colors of the 100 Acre Wood, Her apprehension melted away by the comfortability of familiar friends and her residual tears washed aside with laughter at the wildness of Pooh's dreams.The ride only lasted a few minutes (twice) but the memory stays with me always. A father's best day is a day in which he can make his child's day a little happier, a little more peaceful, and a little more fun. Well Winnie the Pooh, his friends and his ride helped me have this kind of day with her.

Well my daughter is 14th today and every year I run a scavenger hunt for her. Well I can't be with her because of the quarantine, so I am running a virtual scavenger hunt. Happy Birthday Bryn!!! Here is your next clue:

Think of a tale about a misunderstood villain
Thrown in jail where he is currently chillin
He says Having a cold was his only crime
Not the two brothers he killed in their prime.

Lost in the Wood, Can't see through the Weads
A better hint where to look is among your needs?
Well two replacements of one single letter
in the first line, will help this go much better

Cute traditional Fantasyland dark ride. Not worth waiting over 25 minutes for.

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