Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History

The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History is a live theater show in Liberty Square at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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The Muppets present their irreverent take on the story of America's founding, on the street in front of the Hall of Presidents. Two shows alternate, about the Declaration of Independence and the ride of Paul Revere.

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Reviews of The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History

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Great show, funny jokes, and great puppetry by CMs. Be sure to check out the two different versions of the show. Those with little ones, if you meet the host JJ after the show he might give you an American flag to take home!

At first this seemed out of place to me, but after seeing it I loved it. Great addition to Liberty Square.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Paul Revere show. It was very funny! For the parents who grew up watching the Muppet Show, it seemed to capture the characters perfectly. But all the kids, who weren't very familiar with the Muppets, also loved the show and thought it was hilarious.

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