Hollywood Stunt Driver reviews

Theme Park Insider takes a look back at Hollywood Stunt Driver, a live show at Warner Bros. Movie World that's no longer open.

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Posted: January 27, 2014

This show is currently closed. Rumoured to be re-opening as Hollywood Stunt Driver 2. Currently showing on the stage is the FMX Overdrive stunt show which is a temporary replacement show closing soon.

From the moment you enter the arena of Hollywood Stunt Driver you will be immersed in a real-live action ‘working’ movie set. This brand-new purpose built and designed arena will be the backdrop for what can only be described as brilliant blockbusting movie action from start to finish.

Incorporating breathtaking stunts, precision driving, incredible scenes of exhilarating action and the performance of a cast and crew with immeasurable talent, you won’t want to miss a second of this action packed extravaganza! For a full twenty minutes you will be taken on an incredible journey that’ll have you enthralled and entertained, and like any good movie you’ll want to see it again and again!

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