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A D. H. Morgan "out-and-back" hypercoaster added to Worlds of Fun in 1998. Features include: 5,600' of track, 75 mph top speed, 205' first drop, 184' second drop, 580 degree helix, and five "camelback bumps" on the return trip. Ranked as high as #9 on the Golden Ticket list of top steel coasters (1999), Mamba is no longer ranked in the top 50.

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The Mamba, an out-and-back steel hyper coaster built by D. H. Morgan Manufacturing, contends with the Patriot and Prowler for best ride in the park honors. With a 205 ft first drop followed another 185 ft drop and 70 mph speeds, the Mamba offers decent thrills even for the most jaded riders. The double helix is as intense as they come, and the five camelbacks you hit on the “back” portion of the ride provide some fun airtime moments (when the mid-course brakes aren't too heavily employed). Fast and thrilling, the Mamba is still a beast to be reckoned with by coaster fans everywhere.

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