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Alfonso Giordano

Cape Coral, Florida
Theme Park Insider member since May 25, 2004

About Alfonso: I've been going to Disney World since 1978 and have been hundreds of times, including Epcot, Studios, and Animal Kingdom opening weeks. I've only visited Disneyland once for a day, which happened to be the during the short time Rocket Rods was open! Other "unique" shows I have seen were Surprise in the Skies & Skyleidoscope at Epcot with the "day" fireworks and characters flying down on powered parachutes and also the lame Splashtacular fountain show with the robot dragon (which took a few tries to finally see because it was always broken.) Friends that work at Disney now think I'm crazy when I tell them about those Epcot "shows." I own an Italian restaurant and I'm a professional violist (both for 22 years now.) Oh, and since 1998 I'm always at Magic Kingdom the first Saturday in June ;-)

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