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The following rules are for individuals who submit content to the website, including blog posts, comments, reviews, and posts to our discussion board. In addition, we have a page for all Theme Park Insider readers with guidelines for submitting ratings on the site. We ask you to read that page before submitting ratings on the attractions, hotels and restaurants listed on Theme Park Insider. When you submit information to this site, you grant Theme Park Insider a perpetual right to publish that information, in all media, and under your name. Information submitted to the site may deleted at the discretion of the site's owner.

Don't steal someone else's stuff

Attribute all information you get from other sources, whether they be a person, a website or another publication. Do not submit someone else's comment, photo, video, or article as your own. If you want to tell people about an post elsewhere, please provide a hyperlink rather than copying and pasting the information.

To hyperlink another webpage, use the following code in your post,
<a href="Webpage_Address">Webpage name</a>

Here's an example:
<a href="">Theme Park Insider</a>

Be accurate

Don't post stuff that's wrong. If you see something on the site that is not accurate, please post the corrected information or email me if you can't make the correction yourself.

Don't be a shill or a tool

We want people who write for the site to do so in a spirit of helpfulness to other readers, not out of selfishness or for personal gain. Therefore, we do not allow commercial links or solicitations in any post on the site. In addition, your postings to Theme Park Insider may not include incentives of any kind for other users to click on ads which are displayed on the site. This includes encouraging other readers to click on the ads or to visit the advertisers' sites, as well as drawing any undue attention to the ads. This activity is strictly prohibited in order to avoid potential inflation of advertiser costs.

Do not use Theme Park Insider's name to solicit theme parks or any other companies for anything of value, including admission or reservations. Theme Park Insider reserves the right to take legal action against a member, or anyone else, who uses the site's name in an effort to obtain gifts or other accommodations from theme parks.

We encourage our assigned freelance writers to attend media preview days and other press events to gather information for the site, and we allow those freelancers to accept accommodations from a park for the purpose of covering a press event or conducting an interview on our behalf. Otherwise, Theme Park Insider writers should pay their own way at all times.

Don't get mad if someone actually uses your idea

Theme Park Insider readers abandon any claim on ownership of any plan, concept, idea, suggestion, or proposal for theme parks and other themed entertainment attractions posted to this site. We wish for theme park managers and designers to be able to read and consider suggestions posted to without fear of being sued should they develop something similar to an idea posted on the site.

By posting to the site an idea, concept, plan or suggestion for a themed entertainment attraction or operational procedure, you are agree not to seek any compensation or acknowledgement from any theme park or entertainment attraction that might implement a similar idea or concept. Readers that are unwilling to accept this condition should not post to the site.

Give us some context

If you have a family or business relationship with someone who owns or works for a theme park, or if you work for a theme park company, mention it in your posts and profile page on the site.

Being related to someone who works for a theme park, or even working for one yourself, does not disqualify you from submitting content to Theme Park Insider. Heck, as our name implies, we welcome insiders! But other readers deserve to know when they are hearing from someone who is a theme park employee, or a relative of one, as opposed to an outsider.

For example, as the founder and editor of Theme Park Insider, I am a former Walt Disney World Resort attractions host, though I no longer have any business relationship with Disney or any other theme park company. My mother is a current Walt Disney World Resort cast member, however, though she joined Disney long after I left.

Be nice, please!

Personal attacks on other writers are not acceptable on Theme Park Insider. Do not submit posts that threaten, demean, humiliate, attack, or harass other writers on the site, or that use offensive or bigoted language. Anonymous comments may be submitted on blog posts, but are subject to approval before posting. Comments critical of any writers or other posts on the site cannot be made anonymously and will be rejected. We ask that all participants in the Theme Park Insider community treat one another with respect and a spirit of helpfulness.

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