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August 6, 2014, 9:10 AM · So we are heading to Universal for our 2nd trip the week before Christmas (we leave on the 26th). Can anyone offer any insight to crowds at that time? Also any tips would be greatly appreciated!! We are staying on site and will have our own vehicle. Also-is the luau worthwhile?

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Edited: August 6, 2014, 9:47 AM · The crowd levels from Touring Plans (they are "very" accurate) has the following listed for Universal (level 10 is the most crowded, level 1 is the least).....Dec. 16 (level 3), Dec. 17 (level 3), Dec. 18 (level 5), Dec. 19 (level 5), Dec. 20 (level 7), Dec 20 thru 23 (level 9), Dec. 24 thru Dec. 31 (level 10)....December, up to the 19th isn't too bad. You can probably get by on those dates staying at Cabana Bay. But, starting on December 20th, if you're not staying on site at one of the three "deluxe hotels" with Express Pass, the parks will be too crowded to enjoy. Without Express Pass, expect super long lines for the attractions and everything else....I'm going to try the Luau during my Sept. vacation. Email me at the end of Sept. and I'll tell you how it was.

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