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Thirteen reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Thirteen, a roller coaster at Alton Towers. (The minimum height to ride is 35 inches.)

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Posted: March 24, 2010

Thirteen is the worlds first rollercoaster which features a vertical drop of the track. The theme is based on the discovery of an unearthed ancient burial site in an area of unexplored woodland known as the Dark Forest.

The ride features an outdoor track section and a reverse dark Section as well as the main drop element which occurs inside the station building.

This is a great family ride, well themed and a brilliant experienc.

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Readers' rating:

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I think overall this is a fantastic ride! It's exciting and it plays with your emotions! just when you think it's over...it's not! I never went on 'corkscrew' (which I believe it replaced) so I can't compare so I'm saying Brilliant!! - Claire Reinholdt

Good ride with a clever ending. But you can see it was not an adrenilin ride. Although it has an interesting finish with the drop I am still annoyed. It was built recently knocking down the loved corkscrew ride. If anyone remembers this was the first ever corkscrew! The only rollercoster in Alton Towers! It had queues over 3 hours but the differnece is people were willing to wait this long. Thirteen may have great themeing but people across the country wont come in their thousands for this ride. RIP CORCKSCREW - Adam O'Malley

At first I was going to rate it a bit lower but the track dropping beneath you is an incredible effect. The combination of lights, a vertical drop and going backwards in the dark in my eyes are the best part of the ride. I was slightly disappointed with the outside track section, but then again it was designed as a family coaster. The ride has brilliant themeing but reliability issues are still a problem. - Daniel Cernuschi

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