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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Built on the site of the former Big Bad Wolf, this Zierer roller coaster is a high-speed ride through the Black Forest, with two launches and a show scene building, leading up to a 90-foot final drop over the river.


Indoor section is incredibly well done, and the theming is great. My only complaint is that it just wasn't anything special when you ride it in the front row. A 10/10 coaster should be amazing from all rows, not just the rear ones. But the coaster gets a great 9/10 from me, despite living in the shadow of it's predecessor, Big Bad Wolf. The park would have been better off refurbishing Big Bad Wolf and just adding a coaster in another part of the park. But you can't expect everything!
A good new coaster design that is well themed. A couple of launches. A surprise drop in the middle and a nice finish.
Easily one of my favorite family coasters! The attention to detail is superb! The cars look like real German sports cars, the theming is up to par with Disney, the ride is a perfect step up from the junior coasters, and it is a really fun ride! -9
Wow! Busch Gardens really did it! Every bit is very well themed. The indoor section reminded me of an improved, more intense, Mummy ride. The outdoor section, while short, packs quite a punch that gets slightly rough. Overall, one of the my favorite coasters. 9/10.

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