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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Track ride

Shelby Grody

Photo of Autopia

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Published: October 1, 2009

With is redesigned track, cars, and queuing area (that means the place where you wait to go onto the ride :D) autopia seems to be at its best. The ride has gone through several renovations and now is a great ride, though the long lines are a bit of a drag, especially later at night, the new track will take you through jungles, futuristic car parks, and of course, the exit line. The ride is about 3-7 minutes depending on how fast you trek (or ride!) and is still great for kids. While adults may not like it as much, try riding at night, its more fun that you think!! Also check the fast-pass station, it makes the ride more fun because there is never a wait for a fast-pass.

David Matecki
My son enjoyed it and I didn't mind it too much myself
Jonathan Guire
It's good for what it is, but a lot of local amusement parks offer a similar experience. To add to it, DCA has Cars Land, so this ride isn't really special.
Manny Barron
It's a classic Disneyland ride and a thrill for the young ones. For older people it provides a nice scenic drive through Tomorrowland. I highly recommend getting on this at dusk or at night as the sights are enhanced at that time.
Alex Taphorn
It has scenery and nothing else. The not-so-perfect pedals and the people in front of you are always hindering your speed, and if you do get the chance to speed through the course, you catch up to others at the end and have to wait extra long to unload. I give it a 1/10, and I'm sad that because it's conidered a classic, its departure won't be for a long time.
Mark Moore
We had great fun ignoring the warnings and crashing and bumping into one another!
daniel reyes
A Disneyland original and its pretty fun for all ages
Skipper Adam
I was amazed at how awesome this simple ride is. They need to redo the Florida version (or scrap it) badly.

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