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The clever Elizabethan musical storytellers Mr. Smyth and Mr. Jones are presenting the tale of Disney's "Frozen" several times daily in this theater on the site of the old Carnation Gardens stage. The Frozen show debuted Jan. 7, 2015, replacing the Beauty and the Beast and Tangled shows.


Really charming shows, and it's in a great location.
Excellent shows in one of the nicest areas of Disneyland, that I think actually appeal more to adults who understand the fast humor than kids.
Both shows are great! Not too long so they keep both kids and adults mesmerized! If you Huzzah and Fie long and loud enough, the actors and staff notice and give you a (silent) huzzah back. Also, the shows are, as noted, not that long which keeps you from getting a sore back on the not-that-comfortable benches. Theming can sometimes be a - well, maybe this is where the cliche came from.
Both the Tangled and Beauty and the Beast shows in the Royal Hall area were great. The performers were outstanding, the songs were fun, and the humor was top notch. I was very impressed. (And while you are waiting, pick up a Boysen Apple Freeze at the nearby snack stand - yum!)
We saw Tangled and that had us rolling. The hosts are very funny and the meet and greet after the show was a nice treat.

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