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Gadget's Go Coaster

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 35 inches

Annie Braff

Photo of Gadget's Go Coaster

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Published: August 2, 2007

A Vekoma kiddie coaster with often-lengthy wait times, no thanks to the single train that runs. Seats are small, fitting no more than one adult and one child. But a nice, short and playful ride for a younger child's first coaster.

James Rao
A run of the mill youth coaster found at many parks throughout the nation. Really not a Disney caliber attraction.
Sarah Barnes
Short but enjoyable mini coaster.
Randall Peek
I'm flabbergasted that this has gotten an average rating of 6. Other than the themeing, there is very little to commend about this coaster. It is short uninteresting, and has an outrageous wait time. I realize it is geared for the younger kids, but even as a family coaster it just seems to lack that certain something that would set it apart as something special.
Steven D
Like wood stock ex press at cedar point just alittle faster and not as long as a ride.

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