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Gadget's Go Coaster

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 4 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 35 inches

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A Vekoma kiddie coaster with often-lengthy wait times, no thanks to the single train that runs. Seats are small, fitting no more than one adult and one child. But a nice, short and playful ride for a younger child's first coaster.


Had good fun on this one. Wasn't anything special but a good kid's coaster. 5/10
Yes, it's "just a kiddie ride," but it's short, surprisingly rough, and usually has an insane wait time to ride length ratio (I am pretty sure at least half the time on the ride is spent on the lift hill). The theming is kind of cute, but you can look at it without getting on the ride, which is what I would recommend you do unless your preschooler is dead set on riding a roller coaster, ANY roller coaster. The good news is that anyone tall enough for this ride this year will likely be tall enough for Space and Big Thunder Mountains next year.

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