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It's a Small World

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Boat Ride

Robert Niles

Photo of It's a Small World

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Published: February 17, 2015

Walt Disney created It's a Small World as a tribute to the United Nations' International Children's Emergency Fund [UNICEF] for the 1964 New York Fair. Artist Mary Blair designed the unique scenes of children playing around the world, while Robert and Richard Sherman wrote the ride's unforgettable theme song. It's a Small World became a huge hit, so, after the fair, Disney moved the ride to Disneyland, where it continues to operate to this day.

Sebastian K
It's a Small World is a nice attraction at Disneyland and has a very classic feel to it. The song is a bit too catchy, though I'm sure most of you know that by now, and the ride does have that "World's Fair" feel to it, which I feel can be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it.
David Matecki
Nice way to cool off and get a song stuck in your head. But that's about it.
James Rao
I did like hunting for the "updated" dolls Disney added a few years back. It made this venerable diversion slightly more interesting.
Manny Barron
Featuring the worlds most famous theme park song, small world is a delightful ride. The ride is lengthy, relaxing and perfect for a mid day rest. The scenes are nicely set up and I really like how they included Disney characters in the attraction.
Frank Dookun
Our family enjoy's the ride but! we were disappointed when an outside company was hired to re-record the music. I think this was in the late 1990's. The original soundtrack had that "magical" quality that made this ride so appealing. When the music was "cleaned up" with high tech equipment, it lost the warmth and magic and the nostalgia. Our family noticed it right away. I discussed this with some Disney employees and they felt the same way. It's just about impossible to re-record music from the 50's & 60's and still retain the original warmth and feeling. Since then, we have not enjoyed this ride nearly as much as we used to.
daniel reyes
I like this ride a lot, the song is soo catchy.
Skipper Adam
The outside and gardens are brilliant. The inside is nice too, but I was not impressed with the interior scenes as I was with WDW's version.
Teddy D.
Went on this ride with the little cousins and it was a big hit, not only because my two year old cousin was so thrilled that he "danced" while on the ride, but it was also a perfect opportunity when my dad and I returned alone later (after the fireworks show) to give our tiring legs a break. A very pleasant ride :)

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