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Gotta love a Disney ride where you end up in Hell. Few remember "The Wind in the Willows," but those that do adore this low tech, yet spirited, dark ride.

One of the few remaining opening day attractions in 1955. Unlike the closed Florida version, this has only one track. In "Hell" the entired room is actually heated. That final scene doesn't come from a book or any other source material, but was only created for this attraction.


NorthRiver, with animatronics instead of cutouts.
It leaves me wondering what the heck I just witnessed - and I love that!
Wonderful madness. What other dark ride ends in Hell?
This ride is awesome. You get to crash and cause mayhem all over London. And at the end of the ride you get to escape from hell.
It's a shame they don't make them like this anymore.
A fast and furious dark ride - one that I wish was still at the Magic Kingdom.
A fun little Fantasyland dark ride. It was nice to be able to ride this again after it being demolished in Florida.
This ride is weird and based on something that most people are not familiar with, so its kind of interesting it hasn't been replaced yet as in Disney World. It is an opening day attraction after all. It is the most wild of the Fantasyland dark-rides and waits for it like most of the nearby rides are very short after the fireworks.

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