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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Originally opened in 1977, the Anaheim version of Disney's indoor "wild mouse" coaster ride through space now features an on-ride musical soundtrack, as well as a special Halloween version, "Ghost Galaxy" that runs in October.

Disneyland's Space Mountain also includes a dedicated loading bay for disabled guests, so they can load at their pace. The ride vehicle is on a platform that will eventually be slid into place and take off like other ride vehicles.


I am one of those that feels it is a lesser version of DW's. The whole building feels pretty small, and the layout is far too repetitive consisting of mainly turns and straight track and turns. There were very few drops put in. MK's huge show building is just so impressive. It also just had a much better layout with drops and sudden turns to where you actually don't know where you're going. However, DL does have a fantastic soundtrack that adds a lot to the experience. It is still Space Mountain and a ton of fun but just an inferior version. EDIT: I must say, Hyperspace Mountain improves on Space Mountain in many ways. The inclusion of a story gives a bit more interest in the actual events. And the Star Wars music is just fantastic for the environment and thrills. While I still think it lacks a good drop, I also was able to enjoy how smooth it is and how good and tight those turns are. Overall, I really enjoy Hyperspace Mountain and am glad it still has a home at Disneyland. 9/10
NorthRiver, but faster and spinning.
I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This ride is fun for all ages. Its not scary (except for Halloweentime), and a thriller. It may seem a bit scary too children, but its not a huge rollercoaster. Its a good way too get kids too try that rollercoaster and try and move up too the bigger ones.
The only thing that this ride lacks so much in is the story. There's really no story (except for once again at Halloweentime), and even the Halloween storyline is a bit weak. It would be a much funner ride if they added some story, but I do fear if they do it might be too similar too Star Tours or unoriginal like some space mission thing. But after all the many memories I've made here, growing up with this ride as my holy grail, I have a love for it. I ride it everytime I go.
One of my favorites and experienced ghost galaxy last time. That was pretty cool
When we visited, the Halloween Ghost Galaxy overlay for Space Mountain was in place, and it was excellent. Essentially, there is a space ghost (not the one from the old Saturday morning cartoons) who chases you throughout the course of the ride. It is a very cool effect. My whole family loved Ghost Galaxy and we rode it several times. I also loved the way the onride music ebbed and flowed with the track layout, and how it swelled whenever the ghost appeared. Many people say the Disneyland version of Space Mountain is better than the Florida version, but both versions are a whole lot of fun, and are different enough that they can mutually coexist. If I was forced to pick one or the other I guess I would give a slight nod to Disneyland's version, but my wife says the opposite. Either way, Space Mountain continues to be a fun and invigorating coaster.
Amazing theming and plenty of thrills. This blows the MK version out of the water. The on-board soundtrack just really helped to fulfill the experience. 10/10
Other than Indiana Jones, this is the best ride in the park. This coaster is fast, lengthy, and has a rockin sound track as to go with it as well. The dips and turns in the dark are very fun. A definite must ride.

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