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it's a small world

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Dark ride

Oak A

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Published: September 7, 2013

In comparison to the original installations of the attraction, in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, this ride features a separate room for North America and the Middle East, in addition to the finale room seeing the theme sung in a linguistic troika, English, French, and German.

Amy Tucker
Very nice outdoor queue and great, long ride. The major issue: a large number of the animatronics and most of the light displays were not working.
Chris Wild

Outdoor waiting-area through a semi-attractive garden in front of a huge and very detailed facade, including the (in-)famous clock which comes to life every 15 minutes. Beware: The ticking of the clock can become quite ennerving the longer the wait is.


No need to describe the possibly most famous theme-park ride in detail. For ones who don't know: a lazy boat-dark-ride in to a happy small world where puppets from different nations sing the same song without surprises. Each scene presents a different part or country of the earth and the overall attitude is happy (til it almost hurts, hehe...) The nations and scences are hardly varying compared to the one at World Disney World (Paris and WDW are the only 2 versions I've seen myself).
You'll hear the same catchy tune for about 15 minutes (including occasional traffic jam shortly before deboarding), so it'll stick to your head all day.
A Disney Classic which has to be done once a trip!

Huge building and entrance for this one compared to the small crappy one in the Magic Kingdom in WDW.

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