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In comparison to the original installations of the attraction, in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, this ride features a separate room for North America and the Middle East, in addition to the finale room seeing the theme sung in a linguistic troika, English, French, and German.


This version of the 1964 World's Fair classic is much more polished than the previous versions. The sets are more refined and there is a much less hand crafted feel to the props and sets. The color pallet is more contemporary and the variety of nations included is a lot more diverse. It's well worth the time.
This is really impressive and exciting compared to the Orlando version. I especially like how the facade comes to life as a giant cuckoo clock with spinning effects and audio animatronics.
Same annoying IASW.
Very nice outdoor queue and great, long ride. The major issue: a large number of the animatronics and most of the light displays were not working.

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