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Swing ride
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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A new pendulum ride for 2011, Barnstormer seats 32 riders on two pendulum arms, which swing to 81 feet in the air, at a top speed of 45 mph.


a great classic simple thrill ride
Great ride. Totally dig the restraint system that lets you move and really feel the air time. Theme is good for Dollywood and the ride is very worth about a 20 minute wait. Biggest issue if you are a group of 5 and you go in the 2 or less line in front of me.....what happens is on you.
This was a very well themed S&S swing. I enjoyed it more than skyhawk at Cedar Point for the fact of it's barn location. I love the grass they grew by the ride and the hay was fun. I enjoyed it. It was intense and fun. 9/10
great thrill on thsi ride. A giant swing from S&S thats gets plenty of height and is fun to ride. If you like a swing ride. This one is geat.
The Barnstormer is an S&S Power attraction very similar to the Giant Swing at sister park, Silver Dollar City. Set inside a huge red barn this intense midway ride offers some decent thrills. Granted I wouldn't wait in a long line to experience it, but on a less crowded day when you can ride with minimal waiting, it is worth your time.
So very fun! My husband and I both love it and it is a favorite of both of ours!! Awesome thrill!
Amazing. This ride has a very fast moving queue and a good theme. The ride itself is fast, fun, and thrilling. Each swing gets better and better. 10/10.

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