Firechaser Express

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 39 inches

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This dual-launch family coaster travels forward then backward on a 2,427-foot track. The coaster will open in Spring 2014, and will be themed to firefighters protecting the forest of the Great Smoky Mountains.


Very good family coaster. We were there for two days, and rode multiple times. I noticed the ride was much smoother in the morning. The backwards launch is a great element for a coaster of this type. Well themed. Noticed it actually looked like the fire station near the Dreamsmore resort. I am sure that was intentional.
A great family coaster. Just really, really enjoyable. 7/10
Looks cool and it's a good coaster for kids that can't ride much else at the park, but it's too tame for me.
I really enjoyed the ride and it fits what Dollywood very much needed. The theming and details won't blow away anyone when compared to Disney or universal, but for a regional park it is very well themed and fits the park perfectly. Both of the launches are smooth, as is the entire ride. It doesn't compete with the other coasters in terms of thrills but it is simply a very fun experience. My only real complaint is the wait which being the newest and shiniest thing in the park it has a massive one. If you can catch it with an average wait go for it and I'm sure you will have a blast. (Update) If you are larger like me, sit in the front. If you sit anywhere else your knees are likely to rest against a bar and get battered throughout the ride.

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