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River Battle reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for River Battle, a boat ride at Dollywood.

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Posted: October 20, 2009

Opened in 2008, River Battle is an interactive boat ride where each passenger uses a mounted squirt cannon to soak more than 100 stationary targets, as well as other boats. Nine rafts carry eight passengers each, for an hourly capacity of 800 riders.

The ride is similar to Splash Battle at Legoland California and Buccaneer Battle at Six Flags Great America.

While there is no minimum height requirement for this attraction, anyone under 48 inches tall must have a companion 16 years or older.

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Dollywood is my home park and I go on average 12-15 times a year. I have never seen this ride even close to capacity. The problem is you get too wet. Seriously, drenched to the point a clothing change and the $5 person drier is necessary. Overall its just not a fun ride. - Jordan Driver

The fun factor of River Battle is completely dependent on the crowd level. If there are lots of dueling riders and aggressive bystanders, the attraction is a hoot. Therefore, River Battle is a good ride to visit on hot, busy days. Otherwise, it is imminently skip-able. - James Rao

I was excited to ride this ride, but it was a letdown. It can be fun, but turning to fire is not fun and was tiring for some. Overall, you ride in a boat, and fire a very limited ranged water gun at people(when you can), water(fun?), and little cartoon critters. There are targets, but nothing happens most of the time( i saw one person who seemed either lucky or experienced get a reaction from some cartoon thing after hitting a target but that was the only time. 6/10. - David L.

Great water ride! You get soaked and I always aim for the older people hahaha. It's so fun! - Cass Davis

You do not have to be a kid to enjoy this ride, it's fun for the whole family. Everyone on the ride gets SOAKED!! - Thomas Maner

Get ready to get soaked! Nothing too special, but note that they aim for adults. - Jacob Ferguson

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