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Wild Eagle

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster

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The Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster opened March 24, 2012, and features a 135-foot first drop on this 2-minute, 25-second, 3,127-foot ride. The ride elements are drop, loop, zero-G roll, Immelmann, giant flat spin, camel back, spiral and an eight-curve.


Best ride in the park. The intensity of this coaster makes it stand above all others that I've ridden. The back left row on the inside provides the best ride. 9/10.
Great ride, just what Dollywood needed. A little disappointed that you don't get to drop as far as you climb but still a great view from the top. All the elements work well for the ride and its smooth as you can want. Personally, my favorite ride spot is the back right side. You can't really go wrong with this ride. One this though if you are taller like me, 6'6, sit on the outside seat of the front row if you want to sit in the front. The piece that keeps your left leg from hitting the train is at a 90 degree angle rather than 50-55 that the other seat have. My knee tends to hit it the whole ride and makes it an uncomfortable experience.
I enjoyed this ride. Don't get me wrong. I just thought that it wasn't as groundbreaking as it was supposed to be. B&M has made such great coaster types like Inverted & floorless. I like the wing coaster, but it just wasn't as good as what B&M had made before. I like the sense of flight. I just wished Dollywood had used the train like X-Flight had. The layout was just so bland. It was not surprising at all. It was inversion after inversion then turns. You could put any train on there and it would be the same ride. While I like the trees and mountains, a tunnel would be appreciated. I like the second half with the near misses with trees. I wish it was a hyper coaster because the park needs one but it is good for what it is. 8/10
I loved this ride. A smooth as silk B&M caster. Plenty of thrills on this ride. A great view no matter what the seat. Managed some ar time because the restraints gave you room to move. Much better than the Skyrush at Hershey park. Great front car seats. Another great coaster from B&M.
I would have rather seen a B&M hyper coaster because Tennessee Tornado and Mystery Mine sort of take care of inversion coasters. However, hypers take up more space and cost more, generally. Wild Eagle is great. The flying experiance is pretty good but I prefer flying coasters for the better feel of flying. So, there's better elsewhere but any B&M machine is a nice addition. Maybe not a 20-year old stander, though. (sorry, Apocalypse.)
Wild Eagle is a fine coaster, smooth as silk, compact, and, most importantly, fun. While it does not offer much in the way of new sensations, it is well worth your time and continues the trend of "nice" B&M creations. I should note that the seat restraints are very uncomfortable (regardless of rider size or girth, the restraints tighten automatically throughout the ride as well as crush your thighs).
It is a very smooth ride and pretty unique. I thought the thrill of the ride would be much better. Manta at Sea World (riding on a MantaRay's wings) is a lot better!

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