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Innoventions reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Innoventions, a walk through in Future World - Innoventions at Epcot.

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Posted: February 15, 2014

Both Innoventions pavilions feature a changing line-up of corporate-sponsored exhibits. Here's the line-up as of the beginning of 2014:

Innoventions East

Habit Heroes - Learn about how to live a healthier lifestyle in this play-along adventure.

Stormstruck - Experience what it feels like to be in the perfect storm and discover ways to protect your home.

Sum of All Thrills - Custom design your own thrill ride using math and science principles and then ride a simulator that features KUKA Robotic Arm technology.

Take a Nanooze Break - A series of interactive, continually updated displays that allow visitors to manipulate models of molecules, study everyday items at the nanoscale, and interact with scientists and engineers who conduct the latest nano research.

Test the Limits Lab - Shatter, drop and impact some of the products Underwriters Laboratories test for safety every day.

Vision House - Learn about living greener as you look into the lives of the "Monteverde" family.

Innoventions West

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure - An interactive adventure about the ups and downs of saving and investing.

Think - Play in front of the "Gesture Wall" and watch a film about how technology and progress drive each other.

Video Playground - Experience the latest in video game technology.

Where's the Fire? - Explore the most dangerous house in America and learn about fire safety.

Readers' rating:

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This is just based off my experience with the Sum of All Thrills attraction inside Innoventions- One of Disney World's most delightful surprises. The designing part is fun and your ride experience really depends on it. Too bad guests only get four minutes to design their ride. The ride itself is fun and realistic enough. This attraction has a very low capacity but its hidden inside Innoventions away from most visitors view. Either way try this early to avoid long waits. - Manny Barron

The best part of Innoventions is The Sum of All Thrills. It is a great motion simulator and because you get to design your own course, every ride is not the same. - Robert Berry

I love sum of all thrills and wished I made mine more thrilling 8/10 - Edward Morgan

Probably the most ignored attraction in Epcot. I bet 90% of all visitors walk right by the buildings and don't realize that there's things to see inside. - Keith Forrest

Sum of all Thrills is a must see - designing your rollercoaster is great fun and the tools used are pretty cool. Getting to ride the rollercoaster using a robot arm is amazing! The only downside is that the pre-show is quite annoying - especially when you want to get straight on to designing another vomit inducing scream machine! The rest of Innoventions is worth a glance - the storm simulator is amusing - but if you're on a tight schedule it can be skipped. - David Wilcock

8/10 for SOAT. - Marc Ricketts

it loos good i went to it when it was the origanlale - Manny Rodriguez

UPDATE: I really think Sum of All Thrills should be listed as it's own attraction, superb in every aspect. We did the storm simulator and while the 3-D was amazing, YES, great visuals, the simulator itself was disappointing. I thought for some reason there would be actual wind blowing in the room. I should have waited to do the Segway attraction, but didn't, looked fun. - Nick Dakuginow

Great ,I love sum of all thrills. - Tyler Bell

A great to place anytime of the day. The exhibits are intrestig and can keep anyone attached to them. So come in and check out the road to tomorrow. - Jay Glenn

Good for those who maybe are visiting Epcot two or three days during their vacation. But those who only have one day for each part should skip this because you won't be able to appreciate the experience and still ride the rides you want. - Brandie S

Spent hours in both Innoventions pavilions during our last visit. Sum of All Thrills is the definite headliner with the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventures running a close second, but several other exhibits have merit as well. Do not underestimate these attractions, especially if you are traveling with someone in the 5 - 14 age range. - James Rao

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