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Journey Into the Imagination With Figment

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Dark ride

Robert Niles

Photo of Journey Into the Imagination With Figment

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Published: February 15, 2014

Journey Into the Imagination with Figment is the third incarnation of this dark ride. Using the same Imagination Institute theme from the pavilion's old Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 3D movie (now replaced by the return of Captain EO), this attraction takes you on a tour of the fictitious lab's inner workings. Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) is your host for a trip through the lab, which demonstrates how your five senses stimulate your imagination. This version of the show returns the popular purple dragon, Figment, who starred in the original 1983 Journey Into Imagination show, only to be removed from the second version, which played from 1999-2001 and might have been the worst-reviewed Disney attraction in the company's history.

Reese Hollister
After reading a lot of criticism from many people, my expectations were low. But upon riding I found it to be a fun, bright, and musical journey. After learning about sound, smell, and sight, I found out that this ride is for younger kids. The ride system with it's rotating seats were fun, and the stimuli and attention to detail around the room made it fun to use sight, as we learned there. Later we went to figment's house and learned about the power of imagination. It was fun, but it did not have as much Magic as I hoped. It was a good ride, but not something to praise. 7.5/10
Jonathan Katz
I do it mostly at this point purely for the nostalgia. Still pouring one out for the Dreamfinder. 5/10
The once awesome ride is redone and redone and it got worse and worse.
Marty McMoose
Despite all the naysayers out there, I have to confess that I find the Figment ride to be particularly delectable. Does it have the heart-stopping thrills of some of Epcot's other attractions? Well of course not. But there is no better interlude between a couple rougher rides than a gentle excursion into the dazzling and elegant world of imagination. Oh, the grandeur! And the song, by Zeus it is incredible! It's thought-provoking lyricism and Rolling Stones-esque buildup make it an absolute masterpiece. 10/10
Lexi R
What the heck? Haha. I do not understand this thing at all. Completely lame, not based on anything actually Disney (or maybe I have just not heard of it cause it was so bad). I do however, recommend it as a must ride. Simply so you can wonder why it is there yourself. It was a highlight of the trip honestly just because it gave us so much to talk about. (2/10)
Mike Brilhart
One of the only rides I find myself regularly seeking out at Epcot. Never been a huge Epcot fan, but for some reason, the catchy little tune on this one has me coming back each time I visit.
Jeffrey Rickel
It's okay and definitely superior to the second incarnation. That ride was terrible. However the original Journey Into Imagination was Epcot's greatest treasure. The Journey Into Imagination Pavilion was once the best in Future World, but it was destroyed in the mid-90s with the removal of the original ride and the closing of the original ImageWorks. That said, I have heard there is some talk inside WDW of rebuilding the original and modifying it to work properly. It would be WONDERFUL if a new generation could experience the wonder of having Dreamfinder and Figment take them on a journey into imagination. The original is STILL my favorite Disney attraction of all time.
Chris W.
I cannot compare this one with the previous versions, so I'll just go with the recent one. And yeah, it's still not the best attraction in Epcot, it's the second worst actually. That doesn't make it bad either. But yeah... It's a dark ride narrated by Eric Idle as a scientist, who plans to take you through five laboratories in which your five senses are said to be tested. That's when little dragon Figment shows up and literally lets his imagination take over control. And I actually don't know what its exact mistakes are for it is somehow typically Disney, that means full of detailed scenes, a catchy tune and special effects. Yet it doesn't create that special atmosphere the other rides in this park do. Some of the effects are even a little bit scary. So do it if it has no wait, but you can skip it if it's ten minutes or longer.

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