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Journey Into the Imagination With Figment

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Journey Into the Imagination with Figment is the third incarnation of this dark ride. Using the same Imagination Institute theme from the pavilion’s old Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 3D movie (now replaced by the return of Captain EO), this attraction takes you on a tour of the fictitious lab’s inner workings. Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) is your host for a trip through the lab, which demonstrates how your five senses stimulate your imagination. This version of the show returns the popular purple dragon, Figment, who starred in the original 1983 Journey Into Imagination show, only to be removed from the second version, which played from 1999-2001 and might have been the worst-reviewed Disney attraction in the company’s history.


Honestly, it's one of the worst rides in the entire resort, not just Epcot. This ride is and smells like a big fart. The ride is really loud and obnoxious. It's showing it's age a lot and desperately needs a better update. While it is not as bad as the second version, this one is just plain annoying. The worst part? It replaced the amazing original Journey. All you need to see is how the current ride is compared to the true greatness of the original. 5/10
Dear Lord, this ride needs to go. While it is one of the few kid-friendly rides in the park, it takes up a lot of room doing so. It's beginning to show its age (for a ride updated a decade and a half ago). Could use an update, once again, to refine the concept, possibly more in line with the one from 1983. I never rode in the 1999-2001 version, but I can't imagine anything worse then its current state.
What is this? This is just awful. Everything about it is just annoying. I hate it. Worst of all, it replaced the great original. There was one moment where some computers exploded into a room of Figments that was ok, but that was about it. It's just awful. 1/10
Literally one big fart joke.
The original ride had a plot and was just better. Now it's loud and has a fart joke. Nice.
I like this ride. It is charming and relaxing. 8/10
This ride is horrible. And for those who think that little kids like it, they don't. I went on this when I was 7 and was bored by it. It's just a weird ride with a weird plot about using your senses.
After reading a lot of criticism from many people, my expectations were low. But upon riding I found it to be a fun, bright, and musical journey. After learning about sound, smell, and sight, I found out that this ride is for younger kids. The ride system with it's rotating seats were fun, and the stimuli and attention to detail around the room made it fun to use sight, as we learned there. Later we went to figment's house and learned about the power of imagination. It was fun, but it did not have as much Magic as I hoped. It was a good ride, but not something to praise. 7.5/10
I do it mostly at this point purely for the nostalgia. Still pouring one out for the Dreamfinder. 5/10

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