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Living with the Land

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Boat Ride

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Take a voyage through four recreated ecosystems before journeying through the pavilion’s greenhouses, where Disney uses techniques such as hydroponics and aeroponics to grow some of the produce that is served in The Garden Grill restaurant that overlooks the boat ride. Living with the Land is one of Epcot’s original attractions, though taped spiels have replaced the live cast members who used to narrate your ride.


Love this one. Glad to see there is still a ride that feels like it is straight from old Epcot. The whole experience is just so relaxing, and I love learning at Epcot. I think this is a must ride for Epcot visitors thanks to its nice AC and short waits. 8/10
Feels dry, lifeless and stuck in the past.
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how AWESOME Living With the Land was! I loved how at first it was indoors and then it was outdoors, showing you all of Epcot's plants and such. It was a neat experience and I would really like to ride it again. I do have to say, we rode in the second row, and it didn't provide as great of view as if you were in the first row. So if you can, try waiting just a little longer for the first row for the best viewing. The greatest part, we just walked on! No wait at all! Such a great ride, and really long.
Overall - 8/10
EPCOT's secret treasure. It never has a long line, has great indoor exhibits and the greenhouse section is outstanding. 9/10
It's a pretty good boat ride. It has two parts. The first part involves your boat passing through sets depicting different environments. It's really well done (especially the rain forest). The next part is a trip through the greenhouses. Seeing all the different fruits and the backstage area is actually pretty interesting. Waits are usually not to long, another reason to check this ride out.

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