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Epcot's signature attraction, Spaceship Earth is a massive "geosphere" that stands above the entrance plaza to the park. Inside is a slow-moving ride depicting the history of communication, from ancient cave paintings to Hewlett and Packard building computers in their San Jose, California-area garage. Crowds pack the ride early in the morning, as it's the obvious first thing to do when you enter the park. Wait until later to ride, though, and you'll walk on with little or no wait.


The GOOD: It is iconic. It is classic. It is also educational and interesting.
The BAD: Definitely an old attraction (but that is not necessarily a bad thing). Sometimes it moved tantalizingly slow.
RATING: A great attraction and a must-do for EPCOT. Don't expect a "wow" moment however. 9/10.
Put it simply, Walt would of been so proud of this ride. Spaceship Earth is one of the best attractions at Walt Disney World, not just Epcot The story of our changes in how we communicate is a compelling one for sure. This ride is simply a classic. It's housed in the famous geosphere, and the ride has tons of history behind it. I just love all the history you learn on this brilliant journey, and it just feels like one of the last few great pieces of EPCOT center. The scenes and smells are still solid and the message is amazing. The first half of the ride is simply amazing while the other half now just has the cheesy screen-based ending (and lack of show scenes during this descent) which is it's biggest flaw and why it misses a perfect score. However, this is still an absolute must for all visitors. 9/10
Classic ride, that has an amazing front end. The back end is great if you simply ignore the screens and focus on the descent happening around you, like I do. While nothing happens, it's still an amazing view. The AAs are great, although a bit outdated (no cellphones, tablets, or anything past the 1980's)... Still a great ride.
It's a great classic. The only reason it's not a 10/10 is because of the decent scene. It's just black curtains and screens. Boring! 9/10
A classic. The ride is just great for me. I love being in the famous geosphere learning about history. This just feels like one of the last great edutainment rides at Epcot which is a shame. The first half of the ride is just amazing, but the second half with the screens is so irritating that it really subtracts from the experience and especially from rerideability. It is still an amazing ride though and a must do for Epcot visitors. 9/10
It was great! Interesting, and I loved when we were on top of the dome.
I love this ride , takes important times in history and brings them to life, it's well directed and the automatictromics are top notch , great sets, good history lesson, and a hilarious ending video of your future. 8.5/10
Pretty much the one ride everyone that goes to EPCOT needs to ride during their visit. It's a nice sit down affair where you travel through history, learning about communication. It's fairly dark and cool throughout, and has some of those great scents that you just never forget. It's very nostalgic for me, since I'm fairly sure they've always been there.

While it's not the most thrilling or educational ride they've got there, and the end of it just seems like a bit of a cop out as a way of engaging you for the last quarter of the ride, it's still worth a ride.

This is a PeopleMover type ride, and I love it! Athough not thrilling, it is a really neat ride that you can't find anywhere else. I loved learning about the history, and the different scenes were really neat. The line was also really short, which is always nice. It's a pretty long ride, but I think it's great. Definitely a "must-do" ride at Epcot!
Overall - 8/10
I rode this at Epcots opening in 1982. It seems a lot less than it used to be.
I feel it could be more rewarding..
Only wish Walt's dream of EPCOT was enabled throughout the park.
Spaceship Earth is beautiful to look at at night...
just like The Unisphere lite up the night at The 1964/65 NY Worlds Fair. which Epcot was supposed to take off from..
go figure.. the spere, and a passport to world showcase (verbatim)
This is a superb ride of which Walt would be proud. The current narration by Judy Dench gives a more modern feel to the attraction while managing to preserve the spirit and message of the earlier scripts, the first draft of which was written by Ray Bradbury and still shows his influence today. As another rider noted, the animatronics are better than ever and show Disney at the top of their game. The downhill part of this ride, revised many times, has always been a challenge. While the interactive video it makes is fun (and be sure to email it to yourself in the post-show area), its an anticlimactic follow-on to the spectacular scenes you witnessed just moments before. A must-ride.
This is the iconic attraction at EPCOT for a reason. The sheer scope of the the structure, amazingly detailed scenes, and an overall feeling of wonder solidify this ride as one of WDW's best. 10/10

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