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Test Track reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Test Track, a dark ride in Future World - Test Track at Epcot. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: February 15, 2014

You'll tour an idealized automotive design facility in this ride sponsored by Chevrolet. While you wait to board, you'll get to choose some of the elements of a new car that will be tested during your ride. Once on board, you'll ride in a six-seat "test vehicle" as unseen engineers test your car for traction, response, efficiency, and, of course, speed. The finale blasts you through the wall of the test facility for a high-speed ride around the outside of the Test Track building.

One of Epcot's most popular attractions, ride Test Track early in the morning or use the Fastpass ride reservation system (explained later in the book). There also is a single rider line that can cut your wait substantially in the middle of the day.

Readers' rating:

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Love test track and the fact that you can design your own car! Sometimes I do miss the old version 10/10 - Owen Scott

Really enjoy the interactivity of the revamped Test Track. Great attraction. - Will Sullivan

Maybe I'm jaded because of the greatness of Radiator Springs Racers, but I expected more from this. The speed test portion was exciting, but the Chevy commercial aspect turned me off. The inside portion of the ride was silly. - Jeff Krinock

The update on this ride was a huge letdown for me. The original version was all about experiencing the making and testing of vehicles, and it really felt like you were there as a dummy testing the cars. Now there is just a lot of neon with "interactive" elements that add nothing to the riding experience or any kind of storytelling effort. If it weren't for the fast outside ending, this new version would be a total bust and I would never have an interest in riding it again. 1/10. - Nick McKaig

We went to the redesigned Test Track in November 2012, before it debuted in December 2012. They were doing start up testing. All that seemed to change was that they REMOVED several of the tests. We're going back to WDW in the next month and I wonder how many other things Disney has removed. - Tim Blake

Walt Disney was a master in telling stories. When he builded a themepark he took it to the next level. The imagineers perfected it but for some time now they lost it. Sourin is a nice tec demo but no story and the illusion of flying is broken by stange movie cuts with no transition. Now we have Test Track. We get inside a computer but what is happening is we ride into a mediocer disco. When the outside portion starts we are no longer in a computer. How does this al work. How did we get into the computer in the first place. Why do we need to make a test car of our own in the first place. I'm thankfull the bumpy road part is gone. I guess that caused a lot of maintenace problems. And all mechinical devices like the robot arms or the car crashing are gone. It looks like maintenace for the stuff in this darkride is as cheap as the (also story less) Toy Story Mania. As of the last few years Disney keeps disapointing me. I loved the stories, I loved the emergion but for now it's only eyecandy on the outside of their offerings and higly themed shops and restaurants. The rides are an aftertought. - O T

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