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Test Track

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Track Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

Robert Niles

Photo of Test Track

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Published: February 15, 2015

You’ll tour an idealized automotive design facility in this ride sponsored by Chevrolet. While you wait to board, you’ll get to choose some of the elements of a new car that will be tested during your ride. Once on board, you’ll ride in a six-seat “test vehicle” as unseen engineers test your car for traction, response, efficiency, and, of course, speed. The finale blasts you through the wall of the test facility for a high-speed ride around the outside of the Test Track building.

One of Epcot’s most popular attractions, ride Test Track early in the morning or use the Fastpass+ ride reservation system (explained later in the book). There also is a single rider line that can cut your wait substantially in the middle of the day.

Jack Mooney
I love the new sci-fy theme! I do miss the old attraction!
David Bethune
The new pre-show interactivity and Magic Band integrations are cool and give the ride a techy feel it lacked before, but as others have pointed out the best part of the ride is short outside speed section and the rest feels like waiting to get there. These cars don't feel in the least bit futuristic, especially when you can step into a Tesla in a mall near you and see its sophisticated displays -- and its SILENT performance. Why is the car of the future from Disney so darn noisy? These things lurch and lunge and make loud screaming noises which no real electric car makes. Sends a bad message, but perhaps GM doesn't care.
Keith Schneider
A big upgrade of the previous Test Track with the interactivity of designing your own car and the competition with others on the ride. A step in the right direction towards a new Future World of EPCOT. The other pavilions should follow its lead. Interactive, futuristic, and fun!
Jonathan Katz
One of the better things in the park, but a major downgrade from the previous version. 7/10
Brendan Sutton
Amazing ride... But lacks the magic that it had before the renovation. Not quite as good as Radiator Springs Racers but is still a can't miss attraction when visiting Epcot. 9/10
Doug Adams
Test Track. Meh. The original World of Motion ride here, while slow, was honestly much more fun. Now it is the pre-show marketing barrage, pre fast section falderal endurance test. Make it through all of that to get a few seconds at speed outside. Don't get me wrong, the fast part is nearly good enough to earn a higher rating then Mediocre, but it isn't. You should do this once or twice then move along to something else with your BTDT in hand.

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