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The American Adventure

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Animatronic Show

Robert Niles

Photo of The American Adventure

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Published: February 15, 2015

This 30-minute show is Disney’s rendition of American history as told by Audio-Animatronic versions of Mark Twain and Ben Franklin. Behind the “actors” is an immense rear-projection screen upon which images are interwoven with the animatronic action on stage. You have to walk up to the second floor of the building to reach the theater, because the show’s various scenes are kept on separate stages which are stored underneath the audience’s seats. The background images for each scene also reflect the technology of the time period: pilgrims and colonialists use paintings, the Civil War uses photographs, and World War I and so on use moving pictures. The show’s finale is a performance of “Golden Dream,” with music by Bob Moline and lyrics by Randy Bright, presented over a montage of what’s happened in American history since World War II.

David Bethune
This is a great animatronic show and a technical tour-de-force. I won't tell you how the show loads the characters in and out of the theater. You'll have to read Vinyl Leaves or see if you can figure it out, but it's amazing! This attraction was designed as a follow-on to the Carousel of Progress when that one's circular stage area proved to be too limiting. The story of our country is beautiful and well-told and doesn't gloss over our problems, either. This show makes me cry every time!
Bryce McGibeny
A beautiful show in every regard. Definitely a "don't miss" attraction at Epcot.
KJ Simpson
After many, many trips to Epcot, I finally made time to check out this attraction. I was impressed with the AAs, and really liked the integrated use of screens, sets, and props. I wish they wouldn't have glossed over the dark periods so much (barely a mention of Native Americans, and the civil war represented as a family struggle?), but I understand the difficulty in presenting the history in a more in depth way. The interiors are stunning, as are the statues lining each side of the theater.
David L.
It's a fun show. The AAs are great, but I wish the show relied less on screens. 9/10.
Sean Huckel
The best attraction at EPCOT
Chris S
A celebration of America's triumphs, as well as a look at some of its past faults. My one complaint is that the transition into the inspiring "Golden Dream" musical montage could be smoother. Overall, I give it a 9/10.
Becky Wheeler
Beautiful theater, beautiful music, beautiful presentation of American history. Please do not miss this one.
Mark Hollamon
Best show (IMO) at Epcot! The theater and building is beautiful and the show is well paced, informative and very entertaining. I would see it before you take in a lot of heat in the summer otherwise you will pass out from the comfy chairs and A/C! I speak on personal experience of course!

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