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Created in the style of Venice’s famous Piazza San Marco, Epcot’s Italy pavilion features two restaurants. Located at the rear of the pavilion, Via Napoli (run by southern California’s Patina Group, not Disney) features Neapolitan thin-crust, wood-fired pizza. To make the pizza as authentic as possible, Via Napoli ships water from Pennsylvania to use in the dough because it shares much of the same water qualities as that found in Naples. Via Napoli’s three pizza ovens are named for Italy’s three volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius.

Via Napoli offers a wide selection of pasta and antipasti, but the highlight is the pizza, which is served in three sizes, a 10-inch “individual,” a 20-inch “large,” and a “half meter” that could feed your Little League team. Prices range from $8-14 for antipasti, up to $42 for the half-meter pizzas.


This is the best pizza in Orlando (and I am from Chicago!). This is the real deal from Italy.
The pizza was excellent- which is something I rarely say! I have a particular bias when it comes to pizza, and this is definitely the real deal. In addition, the salad was GREAT- fresh tasy greens, excellent, old-style authentic olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing, done just right. Simple is often hard to do really well- as odd as that sounds- and this salad was perfect.
I am very surprised to see such a high rating on this restaurant. It is WAY overpriced for the type of food you are ordering. The person who said it is the best pizza in Orlando has not eaten much pizza in Orlando. I would take a slice of Gino's over this sorry excuse for pizza ANY day of the week. We tried it once and never again!
Defintely one of the best Italian restaurants I've ever been to. The decor is awesome and feels just like I'm in Italy. Pizza is great except the portion sizes are WAY too big for one person. Mandatory for everyone with Italian heritage to visit this place once in their life. 8/10
Real Italian Pizza using imported Italian water for the dough...truly an authentic taste.

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